Saturday, July 28, 2012

He is Home!! Life is all about having a good time.


     Braydon made it home safe and sound and FULL of stories!!  There are a few I'm going to share with everyone!!   The first story I heard was about Braydon's camp counselor dropping the F bomb!!LOL!!  Of course that was the first story to hear!!   He said he dropped something dropped the F Bomb and then started panicking saying I meant to say oh freak!!  Too funny!!!!  Here is the F bomb dropping counselor and Braydon!!

Braydon has no clue what his name is.....which is Classic Braydon!!!

      Now his friend Ben!!  When i was tearing up and Braydon was tearing up as I left him there the little boy to walk over to him and introduce himself was Ben.  Ben and B were fast friends and Braydon has checked his email several times since being home to see if he has heard from Ben.  Hopefully he gets an email.  This was Ben's second year!  He was able to show Braydon the ropes and Ben will never know how much I appreciate it.  I got to meet Ben's mom at pickup and tell her how special her son truly is!!
Braydon and Ben Camp Carpe Diem 2012

      He loved the Paddle boats, fishing, climbing the rock wall and I was told he was a hell of a shot in Archery.  He brought home a small picture of a bear and it had a hole right through the heart.  Three different counselors stopped me to tell me he was a natural shot, guess he gets that from his dad!!  I heard about counselor names "pretty Girl", "Skittles", and a boy named Christmas.  He had the time of his life!!

      We also got suggested to a company in Atlanta that trains service dogs to include seizure dogs.  Braydon met Buttons a seizure service dog and apparently they hit it off.  We are in the process of filling out the paperwork but the process to get a service dog takes years.  So who know maybe one day we will have our own "buttons". 

Claudia and Buttons

     Everything went amazing and shockingly I cannot wait until next year either!!  Now I know he loves it and is having fun and the stress of him being miserable is gone!!  Be on the look out for more pictures!!  Braydon had two disposable cameras at camp and we are getting the developed today!!

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