Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.' (Isaiah 30:21)

Good Morning Everyone.

    I felt the need to discuss my emotional journey over the past few years.  Growing up in a Methodist church I am very well versed in what a "Good Christian" is.  But what led me to this point in my life where I became a follower of God?  I learned that being a Good Christian and a Follower of God are two very different things.

     Prior to Braydons seizure I honestly was losing my faith.  A rocky series of events were pushing into me that there was in fact no God.  Losing my dad was a huge blow and knowing the life my father lead prior to his death made me question if he went to heaven, if there was one.  Not knowing if someone you love went to heaven is a devastating blow to anyone's faith especially one who was already spiritually weak.

     So the day Braydon had his seizure and the minutes, hours and days after I prayed every chance I got.  Now do I think Braydons seizures were punishment?  Absolutely not and I will tell you why later 😉.  From that point on my faith began to grow.  And continues to grow.  I have found my spiritual home.  Hickory Point UMC.

     We all become the people we are supposed to be as a result of our lives.  I believe God wanted me at Hickory Point and this was his plan all along.  Since starting at HPUMC I have learned that my dad is more than likely in heaven.  I've had several spiritual conversations about it and I'm comfortable with my feelings about it now.  Being a part of the youth group allows me to grow spiritually every single day.  Some of things have experienced with.this group is nothing short of a miracle.

     Braydonss epilepsy has not made me a better Christian it has turned me into the personal I was meant to be.  I am still with many.....many flaws but I know i have his love by my side.  Braydon is 100% turning out to be this amazing kid/young man.  And although his dreams of the marines, army, navy have all been knocked out I just know his plan is greater.  This week I was contacted by an old friend of Shawns who knows a few Marines.  Those Marines have taken an active interest in Braydon and his story.  They are sending several items of their marine "stash" and sending it to Braydon.  Those are his angels. I'm not sure they truly know how much that means to our family, but it means so much.  Again he may never be a Marine but this path he is being guided on is sure to make him one Hell of a person.