Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A problem is a chance for you to do your best.

Good morning all!!  Lots to talk about today so we are just going to get to it!!

    When did my little boy start growing up?  It's crazy but it's like I blinked my eyes and he was 5'6".  The best part is he is a genuine soul to his core.  He is very much like his dad.  I live in a grey world but to them everything is black or white, good or bad.  It's so crazy to think of him having his own real thoughts and opinions. 

     Anyways we've had a few seizures since December that have been a set back.  We have maxed out on the keppra and if he has another seizure we will be adding another medication to his day to day routine.  My feelings really are mixed on this, but at the end of the day it is what it is.  Keppra is the only medication on the market that doesn't metabolize through the liver and cause potential long term damage.  But hey, what can I do about it right?

     Dr. Robinson made us a deal yesterday.  If he goes from yesterday to his birthday in October he can get his permit.  This is what we have been working towards.  That was the best news we could have heard.  I told her we had been practicing and she was excited for him.  She is so good with us.  She puts up with my craziness and seems genuinely interested in Braydon's life.  She loves to talk to him about camp and airsoft. 

     Now on to his heart.  She is extremely concerned about his heart.  He since August has had high blood pressure and for over two years a high heart rate.  We have had test after test and they have all come out ok, but she said something is not right.  Just what we need right?  Today he goes for an echo cardio gram.  So prayers for that are appreciated.  We will be going to see a cardiologist eventually and Dr. Robinson wants a stress test.  So we will see how all of that plays out. 

     The real stress of today is my Bob.  Bob is my husband's step dad.  My husband's best friend.  My children's PaPa.  An essential person in my life.  A little story for you.  So I was in labor with B and it was horrible.  Miserable!!  I had some bad back labor and he was holding my hand.  Tears started to stream down his face.  He kissed my hand and told me he was sorry but he couldn't stay, it was killing him to watch me be in so much pain and that he needed to leave.  He loves me and my babies more than I think I could explain in words. 
     My Bob is having a bypass surgery today.  We need all the prayers you can muster.  The kids got to see him yesterday, but when he comes out of surgery he will be on a ventilator for  while so I'm not allowing the kids to see him for  few days.  My children are currently a wreck.  Braydon is shutting down and Claudia (although is acting tough) is internally breaking down.   We've put it on God's hands and I am trusting him to know what is best. 

    Thanks for all the prayers!!

FYI I did this on my tablet so if there is a ton of typos....... sorry!!