Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.

We went out and had some family fun today!!  Went to Pennyrile State Park at the recommendation of a friend and we had a blast!!  We hiked!! We did paddle boats!!  We had a picnic lunch!!  Stopped for ice cream on the way home!! It was damn near picture perfect......and then it happened.  The immediate attitude change, dilated eyes, anger, He turned into the highly medicated child that seems to hate life.  Shawn and Braydon literally yelling at each other in the front yard for all to see!!  When will this end???

Its amazing to see what battles people are fighting....what you cant see amazes me!!  On August 28th we re enter Vanderbilt for 5 days.  He will be on a 24 hour monitoring unit.  Constant EEG, so maybe we can discover his hidden battle!! Figure out what is going on!!  Here is the Ebook that Vanderbilt sent us for me to show B all about it. 

I'm doing my best to help Braydon understand and make him a little less angry, but to be honest if I was his age I would be angry too.  Epilepsy has become an everyday part of our life and seems to be a constant reminder in one way or another. 
Here are some websites about Epilpesy and what he is currently going through
And the best one I have found to date!!!