Sunday, December 21, 2014

No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.

     Its been a while folks!!  Sorry things have gone fairly well the past few months but today something happened that made me want to blog.  Someone gave me something to talk about today.  For the most part my stories are funny and you just cant believe what happened to me.  I am that 1% in a million and most times I can laugh about it.  Today I couldn't laugh in fact I cried.

     Went to Church this morning and we talked about the fact that there is no real peace with the spirit of Christmas.  Everyone is so busy and hurried that they forget what Christmas is really about.  So after Church I needed to finish a few last minute Christmas things and Shawn took the kids with him to his Moms so I could get things done and it gives me a little "me" time which as a Mom I need way more than I get!!

     I was leaving a store and had a few bags.  We decided to do Christmas very light this year.  We are doing the Dave Ramsey Financial University and all though Dave is taking it easy on me budget wise this season I cant be sloppy with our money.  For those of you that don't know we have been noticing some things with Braydon lately at home.  After sharing those things with his Neurologist she agreed he needed to have further testing to test his cognitive skills and abilities.  Of course we couldn't get in until the beginning of the year which means we will have to pay for the testing out of pocket.  It is 6-8 hours worth of testing so I can only really imagine how much we are going to have to pay.  At least the first $2600, that's our deductible.  It will also have to be paid up front. 

     To say the very least I'm stressed, I'm tired, and ready for a new year to bring us some much needed luck.  Of course with the new year brings higher insurance deductibles, paying more for insurance a month and Shawn spends another year at his company who cant afford to give him a raise.  So we are starting the new year out making less money than we did this year.  I try not to let everyone see just how stressed I am however today I might have let my stress get the best of me.  I was super distracted.

     I was walking back to my car (a 1998 blue Chevy Malibu, its old and beat up but it is paid for and its mine) trying to add up what I had just spent with what I needed to keep in the bank and what i still needed to get.  Dave keeps me on a tight budget ;).  I was walking around a nice SUV when one of my bags accidentally hit the corner of the SUV.  The woman (owner of the SUV) who was with her children looked at me with disgust.  I apologised for hitting her car double checked to make sure there was no damage (I know there was no damage it was a plastic bag full of underwear and socks).  My car was right beside hers. 

     While I'm loading my car she makes a very loud phone call to who I am guessing was her husband.  She informed him that some Welfare Rat had hit her beloved vehicle and she was unsure what to do.  I'm assuming the person she was speaking with asked with what because she answered with "her bags".   Being called a Welfare Rat peaked my interest, Ive been called alot of things but this was a first.  She went on to tell the person how she could not believe that I had done that and that she probably paid for my purchases with the money she pays to welfare. 

     You re probably wondering what I did at this point...........and I did.......nothing.  She really wasn't worth my time.  Also at this point I really really wanted to punch her square in the face, however I don't want to explain to anyone why I was arrested.  Any ways my point behind this is this

    This woman made me feel beneath her.  And for what???  Nothing, her SIMPLE (and simple minded) words hurt to my core.  But not because they were true but because anyone would assume these things about any one person they just met. 

     Never assume you know anyone or the life they lead.  For the record I am not against welfare for those who need it and I am however very much against ignorance. 

     Now I plan to completely forget that ANY of this even happened and return to my very happy, very stressful life.  Please enjoy your Christmas and please please remember the Christmas spirit. 

     From my Family to Yours MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

Well........... This week marks two years ago that Braydon had his seizure and that he was diagnosed.  He had a seizure yesterday. 
I was miles away and dad was with him.  There was nothing for me to do but I still went home.  This seizure has been a little different than the past ones, he was much more confused than normal coming out of it.  He is recovered and the cloudiness was gone with in an hour and he is now fine.  He forgot his medicine and I'm hoping that was all it was, but it could be he is out growing his dosage.  It could also be the hormone seizures that Dr. Robinson told us to be on the look out for. 
We were doing so great and of course this is a major set back.  We were looking at August 2015 for weaning from medicine and now it will be at least March 2016 if ever.  Dr Robinson reminded us last time any seizure activity this year (meaning in his 12-13 years) would determine whether or not we could ever attempt to take him off of his meds.  The later in his life that he continues to have them means it is not juvenile and will continue the rest of his life. 
We went about 7 months with nothing.  Well, what to do now.  Nothing.  I notified Dr. Robinson and will email his teachers to let them know the chance  of another of the next few days into the next week of two are high and hope and pray nothing happens while he is at school.  That's his biggest fear with all of this, having one at school and mom not being there to help.  So today we will pick our selves back up and keep an eye out on him and go on with our lives.  That's all you can do.  Thanks for the texts and calls from family and friends.  I appreciate more than you will all ever know!