Wednesday, March 13, 2013

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”

     Well what can I say other than what a day!!  This week marks our one year of Braydons seizure and epilepsy diagnosis.  Over the year I have gained a few followers here on my blog so for those that do not know my job I am the quality assurance director of an amazing early childcare center and preschool.  Today was a major blow to my senses.

     A small child whom I know on a personal level suffered a seizure.  Let me first start and say that we as a center rock our emergency's and again today we worked as a team and with AMAZING strength got through it.  This little girl has been a part of my life even before she even arrived on this earth.  Her mother and father I love dearly and their other children are a part of this family.  They have celebrated every birthday with both of my children and they are an amazing family.

     What I felt was tremendous fear for her mother.  Anxiety.  Stress.  Pain.   The list could go on and on.  Is this mother going to face the toughest year of her life?  Will she feel the same way I do?  The list of questions go on and on.  But it stirred an emotion in me that I cannot explain.  Just yesterday I had posted this on Facebook  

Yesterday was an important day in the Fowler household!! It was one year ago yesterday that Braydon had his seizure that lead to his diagnosis of Epilepsy!! Please always know seizure first aid as I will always remember the two woman who helped Braydon that day, they were his angels that day!! Maybe one day you can help someone as well!!!
     Little did I know it would be me having to deal with someone having a seizure.  Little did I know that I would hold a small child in my arms waiting on the Ambulance to meet mom at the hospital and it NEVER crossed my mind that it would be someone who I cared so much about. 
     The little girl is home with mom and dad and sleeping last I heard.  I hope her mother gets the answers that she needs.  I am glad that I was the one who could be there and even more glad that I could try to comfort someone with Braydons story, although every story is just as heart breaking.  I am also OK, like the others who were there and helped I probably wont get much slept over the next few days.  It is traumatizing without question no matter who it is.  But we will all be OK because we are all a team, from the directors to the teachers to the parents and even the children.  That's what makes us great!!