Monday, December 31, 2012

The end of the roughest year of my life.....hello 2013

Oh you know me, I'm the life of the party
Beautiful people surround me
Everybody falling in love
Oh you know me, everybody knows that I'm crazy
Sticks and stones, they never break me
And I'm the type that don't give a care
And that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
Yeah this the life I live
And that's just the half of it
    Well, it certainly has not been my favorite year of my thirty years of life.  I can say with all my strength and being that I kept my head held high as often as I could and I did my best to make it through a very dark cloud of a year.  SO we are going to hit some highlights of the year in this post and then some of the darker days!!  I'm going to hit what i think was important!!
* Positive-  Shawn and I survived without killing each other!!LOL!!  Some may think that is a small feat but in reality it was not at all.  When your family dynamics are thrown into a tail spin it is hard to hold on to each other and learn to lean on each other.  We did and we are doing much better.  We had a few very rough spots and I was not sure we would survive, but we did.  I hope he knows how much he means to me...I am sure he does but in case he doesn't if you see him let him know how much I love him!!  :)  He does not read my blog!!
*Positive-   Braydon found strength in places I never thought he would.  He is a TRUE inspiration to me and I hope he never forgets that.                      

*Positive-  My family is still whole.  That is a huge deal!!  So many family's break up just because and we withstood a rough year. 

Sorry....But Damn I have a good looking family!!  ;)  You cant deny that!!LOL!!
Those are just a few of my positives.  There were many more, but those were the ones I wanted to share. 
My negative of the year was Braydon being diagnosed with Epilepsy.  I know to most of you it is no big deal, especially now that we have it so under control.  My heart Breaks every time he sees an airplane fly by and he says I will fly a plane one day.  I have explained and explained he wont but he wont give up on that dream.  Who knows maybe I'm the one who is wrong but at the end of the day no parent wants to see their child not be able to accomplish their dreams.  My heart breaks everyday at the things he will be told he cant do.  The mood swings from the meds, no sleepovers, the being made fun of....I mean the list goes on and on.....So for my 2013 goals....
*I will educate on Epilepsy on behalf of Braydon.  Education reduces ignorance on the subject which will help reduce the "making fun". 
* Properly prepare Braydon for the next years to come.  The Dr has told us the teenage years will be bad with hormones changing, his resistance to taking meds that make him feel funny, and the normal teenage years!!
*Remember that Claudia needs just as much attention.  I forgot that this year and I think she has been a little more difficult to deal with as a result. 
To be honest I'm afraid of what 2013 holds for us.  But I do know that no matter what i have the support of everyone.  You have all been my strength and I appreciate it more than you all will ever know!!
Wish us luck Braydon starts middle school this year!! LORDY  Middle School!!!
 Here are some pics from an "eventful" year!!

Happy New Year Everyone, May 2013 be everything you want it to be!!!