Monday, May 9, 2016

There is never a moment when God is not in control. Relax! He’s got you covered

     Hello everyone!!  It's been a while, my life has been crazy!!

So update on my father in law.....

      Bob is currently still in the hospital.  His actual heart surgery was extremely difficult and although he came out of surgery fine recovery has been hard.  Our life has been completely upside down since March 28th, Shawn spends all his extra time with Bob (as he should), the kids have a hard time seeing him, and I have to balance the in between.  The kids are in full swing back to normal, so I spend Saturday doing our "normal" things with them and Sundays at the hospital.  The kids choose not to go, as Bob has lost a lot of weight and for a very long time was just not himself.  Yesterday both kids went ( I told them we were going to church) and Bob was doing great.  It was an amazing visit.  Claudia left feeling good because Papa looked and sounded good.  He will hopefully be moved to Clarksville tomorrow to a nursing home so he can get more rehab to get him home.  Life does not always go as planned, but it is still going so that is all we can ask for.

     Tomorrow Braydon is seeing a pediatric Cardiologist.  He had is echocardiogram and based on that his heart is structurally great.   However the chambers of his heart are not pumping the way they should be.  The fact that they got me an appointment in 3 weeks makes me happy and scared.  We see the cardiologist tomorrow and I am trying NOT to freak out......however I am mom so you can imagine how I really feel. 

     Prayers are always encouraged and welcomed.  I'm going to do my best to let go and let God, however we all really know I am spazz lol!!!  Tomorrow will be SUPER busy Cardiologist at 1, a lawyer appointment (things with my family, helping someone help no worries) at 2:30 and then Claudia and I head to Nashville for a date with the Pentatonix.  She is SUPER excited so I am too!!  If I don't update tomorrow no stresses,  I promise to let you know whats going on!!!