Saturday, May 9, 2015

Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.

     Hello All!!  Where has the year gone???  School is almost out, bathing suits are ready and the heat is rising!!

   Its been a while, I think back to when I started this blog.  It was a way to let out all my frustration worries and cares into writing, something I love to do.  So lets do re cap of the past few months, good and bad

     Braydon had his testing and we got the results.  He does have signs of slight temporal lobe damage but not enough to even worry about so that is awesome.  Dave Ramsey is saving money for us left and right.  My car broke down yesterday and it is a $600 fix, but hey we have it in cash.  Thank You Dave.  We are anxiously awaiting the start to camp!!  Two weeks from Sunday we drop him off.....whoop whoop.  Its so funny how much I dreaded taking him and I love it.  Because he loves it.  SO why the post??  Well hang tight and I will share!!

     So when Braydon was a little boy he wanted to be a pilot, well that is obviously never going to happen.  Who wants to willingly get on a plane with an epileptic for a pilot?  SO then he decided military, man is he excited about going into the military.  Well, military enrollment is up, like way up, like discharging people left and right up.  Right now the military has the "pick of the liter" Braydon will never be the "pick of the liter" for again obvious reasons.  So a few weeks ago my husband finally tells him after a conference with one of his teachers.  She told us that in 7th grade he really needs to start focusing on the rest of his life (which I personally believe is a bunch of bull, but whatever) and he needs to know the truth. 

      That was rough few days FULL of tears and frustration from all of us.  One morning before school he came to me crying, he wanted to know why his dreams would never come true.  I got a little religious on him (we are going to church now and I feel like he really needed it) and explained our dreams and our plan are two totally different things.  God has a plan for us all and unfortunately  for you son Gods plan is not including all the things you have mentioned,  his plan is greater.  Things will fall into place you just have to trust in him. 

      He told me that morning after our conversation maybe the police force his were he should be, SWAT he said.  SO later that day I had a missed call which I didn't check the VM until way later in the evening.  It was the Montgomery County Police Department telling me that Braydon was picked to participate in their TEEN citizen police academy camp, I sent in the paperwork months ago and only 30 kids from the area would be picked.  Divine intervention?  I think so!!

     Now Braydon is planning his next few years, looking into high schools that can help further his police career, already picked a college (I agree way to early, but hey whatever keeps him motivated) and cant wait to get started on this amazing journey. 

     Everyday he is growing up more and more.  He is becoming this amazing person because of his epilepsy.  God's plan all along was to be this person, the person he is right now at this exact moment and without that epilepsy he wouldn't even be close!!  The calender is flying by and I hope everyone takes the time to be the person your supposed to be. 

   I know someone, her daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Very different illnesses but very similar in the shock, pain and awe of it all.  I hope she takes the time to read my blog, not because it will help with the pain and stress but because she will know she is not alone.