Saturday, September 3, 2016

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

      Today's Post name is thanks to my sister Laurie, she was letting her children party in the rain and it made me very happy!

       Well this week was a week to say the least.  4 seizures that we know for sure and other possibilities.  While I had one the kid in the Vanderbilt ER the other kid was at the school nurses needing picked up and then there was me.  Trying my very best to keep my emotions in check and not scream and yell "that's it, I quit being mom today, call someone else".

     Let's start with Braydon and his pretty crappy week.  Monday morning happened and I immediately saw it in his face, he was pale, he was irritable, he had a massive headache, and an upset stomach.  It looked like he a had a seizure the night before.  He went to school, came home and we were getting ready to go to a football game and he gets sick(not sick sick, I'm having seizures your not catching sick).  Yup, it's gonna be a week, so we stay home from the game and hang out at home.  I noticed warning signs all week and I don't necessarily ignore them but I don't jump to it and become proactive.  It's not like I can stop them, I really cant but maybe I could have cushioned them. 

     Thursday rolls around and I get off the bus at work (I drive a small bus to take the kids to school in the am at the preschool I work at) and I notice I have a missed call on my cell.  I always check my cell after stopping the bus, it is a fear of my mine the kids will have a medical emergency while I am driving.  It is the ONLY time of each day I am not accessible by phone.  The only time!!  I immediately look up the number and it is Braydons school, I call back and they tell me he is in the nurses office.  Long story short he spent both Thursday and Friday in the nurses office with seizure activity.  Friday I was in the ER with Claudia when they called, so Lets visit that for a second!!

    Claudia, Lord have mercy Claudia!!  So lets start from the beginning.  In March she started to limp.  I took her to the Dr in April and he tells us it is a pulled muscle and gave us exercises to work it out.  Fast forward to July, she is limping worse than ever and her right foot is turning out.  Way out.  So we make a trip to Michigan and a family member tells us, ummmm nope that's not normal take her to the DR asap and demand an xray.   After we leave Michigan (After the WORST family vacation EVER) we drive all night to make it to TN (not because of her leg, other reasons) and we get home at roughly 10am.  I drove the whole night and we get some stuff done that had to be done and then I take a shower and take Claudia to Dr Care.  The woman pretty much dismisses me and I have to beg for the xray.  She was some smart remarks but I got my xray.  I could tell by the way the xray tech was looking at me something was wrong, very wrong.  They tell his she is going to require surgery and that we need to wait for her to send a consult to a local company and wait 6-8 days for them to get her in.  Um, no thank you we are going to Vanderbilt.

     I pick up my mom, call Shawn and tell him what is going on and to Nashville we go.  We walk into the ER, go straight to a room and get some Xrays.  The orthopedics guy comes in and explains Claudia has a SCFE.  Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE or skiffy, slipped upper femoral epiphysis, SUFE or souffy, coxa vara adolescentium) is a medical term referring to a fracture through the growth plate (physis), which results in slippage of the overlying end of the femur (epiphysis).  Crazy huh, well they admit her and tell us surgery first thing the am to fix it.  At this point I am exhausted and Claudia is literally "lets do this" because she had been in pain for so long.  Her surgeon comes in the next morning and he tells us the only way to correct her turned leg is to cut the femur in half, rotate it, and use plates and screws to put it together.  So when I say MAJOR surgery I mean it.  After a few more days in the hospital we go home with a new hip.  Although the pain was crazy I think in general Claudia feels much better!!  And she has a super cool story.  

      Now to this week, Claudia was having some CRAZY neurological issues.  Numbing in the head, tingling in the head, sleeping like crazy, weird head aches and even some confusion.  She really freaked me out, so while waiting for an appointment to see the Dr it got really bad so I took her into the ER.  They get her all situated and start talking to her and realize she is having migraines.  Hemiplegic Migraine to be exact and this type of Migraine actually mimics a stroke.  

    This week has just sucked, like a lot.  But with that being said, I'm alive, my children are relatively ok ( lol) and my husband is well.  Really it can always be worse, it really can.  Braydon had a new seizure med added to his medication.  Prayers for us as we introduce that.  These seizure meds are brutal on these people.  They are a necessary evil to say the least!!  Claudia is healing well and even cheering on her bum hip, which is a HUGE deal.  We are very lucky and I am blessed to have such a crazy jacked up family :)

     Have a great long weekend everybody!!!