Saturday, March 31, 2012

Getting back to normal

      This week has been a good week~!~  Braydon was able to start climbing again on the playgrounds and I'm confident that he will be OK.  Other than a MILLION car problems, things are OK.  Ive had a ton of people tell me in the past few days "just buy a new car!"....Please let it be known that is a ot easier said than done. 

      We are not rich and just in the past year or two really dug ourselves out of a BAD debt problem.  Every bit of what savings we have now is going to medical bills and I have no intention of racking up more debt anytime soon with a car.  Before the seizure we were considering, hell even wanting It is just not smart for us.  I have a very wise friend who has taught me alot about $$ and I'm sticking with my gut and doing things the smart way.  I'm going to work my butt off, do extra jobs, and build our savings back up and then I will buy that car.  I'm sure by then it will feel so much sweeter!!

     On a side note my favorite part of the year is slowly creeping around the corner!!  St. Jude annual fund raiser!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!!  It feels SOOOOOO good to be a part of something so very incredible!!  In the past few years we have raised enough money to provide a pediatric ICU for two days while a child receives chemo.  That is amazing to know that I have been a part of something so very important.  If you would like to help or know someone that would like to help let me know!!

     Cheers to a good weekend.....hope everyone has an amazing few days!

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