Monday, March 19, 2012

Patience.....can you buy it somewhere? Maybe Walmart??

     So we did not make it a full day today at school :( !!  But again let's start at the beginning of the day!!

    Woke up ready for the day, it is Monday so it automatically sucks by default!!  Spoke with the school nurse several times, just to go over everything making sure we are on the same page.  I can tell you that everytime the phone rang I just knew they were going to tell me he needed to go home.  We have not returned to "normal" routine since the siezure and I was really hoping this week would start off steady.  SO I get through two conversations and everything seems good and then the phone rings at 11:48, which ironically means he made it the "full" day and would not be counted as absent. 

     Luckily Shawn is off this week and he went up to the school to check on him.  They deicded it would be best to send him home.  Headaches, dizzy spells, and his legs falling out from under him are the reasons for him being sent home.  All valid reasons however if this is something we will have to just live with he cant be sent home everyday!!  So is this his new "life" or has he learned how to go home early from school??

     Braydon has NEVER been the child to "milk" things.  He has always been the one that you would never even know was sick because he just did not complain.  So I asked him several times if he is scared to have another seizure, thinking maybe that all of this is him just being afraid.  He has told me several times "Im not afraid of having another seizure, Im scared of waking up from one and you not be there!".  So is he being a little dramatic about his "symptoms"?  Should I take everything he says seriously? 

     We have spoke with the nurse at Vandy trying to get some answers, however as most of you know it is not easy!!LOL!!!  I called at 9:30 am to the Dr, got a call back from the nurse at 4:30 pm who informed me she needed to speak with the Dr about the things I was telling her.  So she would have to call me tomorrow.  SO hopefully tomorrow I will be called back with the magical words.....this was all a dream and you may wake up now!!!  Guessing that will never happen but a girl can dream right?
      On the plus side I was able to pick up his emergency meds in case we need them.  Walmart got it right this time and their little screw up gave me a chance to find a coupon and I managed to get $60 off, so that kinda rocks!!!  Negative is that Shawn and I are at each others throats!!  We are both control freaks and having ZERO control over this whole situation makes us both hateful and snappy!!  Maybe taking this trip to MI on Friday will remind us we are a normal family and things will go back to normal!!

     Thanks again to everyone for their patience with could have been better......tomorrow will be awesome......and the rest of the week we shall see!!!!!!!


  1. Just breathe. If humans are anything like animals, which most of the time they are, it takes about 2 weeks for the normal anti-seizure meds to become regulated in the body. This may not be encouraging now but hopefully it will be soon.
    Be comforted that Braydon wants you there. He feels safe with you because you are a wonderful mom!
    It will get better!

    1. Yeah the Dr told me 2-3 weeks until we are "regulated" on the meds and things go back to normal!! Whatever normal may be!!LOL!! Miss you so much!!! Hope things are good for you!!!