Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Survived turning 30 and Easter all in the same day

The road to success is always under construction.   

I feel like this is the most true statement any one person can make!!  Even people I would consider VERY successful strive for more success.  Although I am very happy with my life and would not change it for the world, more success in the banking department never hurt anyone right??

Claudia turned 8 on Sunday and I turned 30.  I believe Claudia had a blast at her Karate party.  She seemed to enjoy every moment of it!!

It is very hard to believe how big she has gotten.  So full of excitement, life and things are always an adventure with her!!

Braydon seems to be doing amazing considering his current situation.  He is so excited to learn more about epilepsy and not afraid to talk to others about how it makes him feel and what happens when he has a seizure.  I'm very very proud of him. 

Shawn and I are hanging in there.  Everyday it seems like life is throwing us yet another curve ball but I guess that is our "road" to success.  I know things will get better and we just have to hold out for that moment.  As long as you smile along your bumpy road to success no one will ever know how uncomfortable you really are!!  :)

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