Friday, March 16, 2012

And let the craziness begin.....

     Well today Braydon was sent home from school again.  Headache and dizziness which I am hoping is a side affect of the new meds, not an oncoming seizure.  I guess I am just going to have to get used to everyone walking on egg shells around him for a while, kinda comes with the territory huh?  I'm glad everyone is taking this so serious, it is serious, but I am ready for normal!!!  In the grand scheme of life though is there really a normal??  I know my life up until has been far from normal so why would this change anything??

     Last night we dropped off a prescription for Braydon's emergency medicine, Diastat.  It has to be "dialed" back to his dosage after it is delivered and it is not kept in stock so we had to wait to pick it up.  The pharmacist told us today at 4 we could get it.  The Dr stressed to us yesterday just how important it is for us to have on us at ALL times, cause you never know he said.  So at 4:08 I left work and go straight to the pharmacy.  I step up and the give the woman B's info and she looks at me like I have the plague and says "let me double check this for you, it looks as though your insurance information is not on this."  Well of course I know that yes my insurance info is on there, however we have an HSA and have to pay for everything out of pocket until our yearly deductible of $5,000.00 is met.....and yes I mean five thousand dollars!!! 

      She in a very very quiet voice says " That will be $314.99" like I'm going to take a swing at her for the amount she was telling me.  Now don't get me wrong I am sure she is yelled at by people ALL day long in regards to the cost of prescription, however do I really look that scary?  And if I do those of you that are my friends should take me to the side and tell me.....I wont be mad!!!  Anyways, I swipe my card and cringe all in one motion. 

     She tells me that the pharmacist would like to speak with me so I move to the consultation desk.  The woman comes over and opens the box and looks at the med and starts explaining how to administer.  So for those of you that don't know let me tell you!!  In the event that Braydon has a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes or multiple seizures in a row we drop his pants and place this syringe looking thing up his poor little bottom, push in the meds, and squeeze his little cheeks together for 30 seconds.  So in the midst of an already uncomfortable conversation she looks at me and asks me what this is for.  I explained he was diagnosed epileptic yesterday and this is his emergency medicine.  She asked if he played video games and I replied yes not realizing I was then going to receive a 20 minute lecture on how the reason he is having seizures is because I let him play video games.  So after I explained that it was genetic and under my breath I also let her know it was not her business, she realizes that the two vials I need are not set to the right dose.  He was prescribed 12.5 mg and the vials were set to 20.  So she speaks with the other pharmacist and apparently after the amount is "locked in" you cannot change it so they would have to then order a new set.

     I wait over to the side so that someone can come and explain what is going on and when we would receive his new pack.  After about 10 minutes I am told that they have to order it again and it wont be delivered until Monday......sigh.......  They took my card put my $314.99 back on it and away I went leaving at 5pm.

     Well I can say all in all it was a great day!!  I have to remind myself that some people just are rude and inconsiderate of others feelings and that those people need me more than I need them!!  I always should throw my ray of sunshine on them even when I don't want to!!  Thanks again everyone for letting me get my thoughts out....some days you just need to!


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