Friday, June 15, 2012

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today

     What a rough emotionally draining day!!  We got the phone call at 8:36am that Braydon's Dr. was called away to an emergency and would not be able to keep his scheduled appt.   I cried like a baby........I was so ready to see the Dr and discuss all the things that are going on and I did not get my minute to talk. 

     So we had to call the Nurse and ask about Seizure camp, I was due to call today with an answer to let them know whether or not Braydon would be able to attend.  Braydon's nurse Palmer was an absolute saint and said to hold tight she would get me an answer.  She called back and asked that we come down and see the nurse practitioner and see if we could get her to give us a yay or nay.  She would not be able to answer my long list of questions but maybe just maybe allow us to go to Carpe Diem. 

     Braydon had an Absence Seizure in the office while the nurse was examining him and with a heavy heart the Nurse Practitioner said no.....without the consent of the Dr. she did not feel comfortable signing off on anything.  The frustrating part is I KNOW Dr. Cuevas will say yes he can go....I just know it. 

     Nurse Palmer being awesome like she always is called the Seizure camp and got us an extension until Monday, hopefully we can at least get the Dr. to say yes over the phone.  That's all we need, Palmer said she would type everything up if says yes. 

    So after waiting for forever we left the office with no answers and headed to the Zoo.  The kids had no intention on looking at animals we just played in the jungle gym.  My heart aches for B.  He has been so tough and brave through all of this and if I'm not careful he will become jaded.  He is far to young to be jaded.  He is by far the bravest person I know and I hate that the poor kid is cut off at every turn.....and he still smiles. 

     As soon as we have news I will update everyone!!  My blog has been viewed A LOT and I appreciate all the support we recieve from everyone!!

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