Saturday, April 21, 2012

Carpe Diem

Mental Breakdown to Car breakdowns and everything in between!!!  I will start with my mental breakdown, only because it has a few funny moments :)

     The past few weeks for me have been HORRIBLE.  I have cried everyday and been so emotional that I have lost my sense of me.  Emotional me is fine, crying me all the time is not.  I am a very easy person to read which for those that have to deal with me on a daily basis is a good thing, they know within 5 seconds of looking at me where I am mentally for the day.  The past few weeks I have "mentally" checked out!!!   So this past Monday I decide I need to see a doctor.  I'm convinced my stress and emotions have gotten the better of me and I am in need of something to balance me out.  So I go to the Dr.  I sit in his chair and I POUR my guts out to this poor man who can only hand me a tissue.   We are talking snot and tears he can barely understand me, I'm mumbling most of my words.  It was BAD.  So he looks at me and says "have you been sleeping through all of this going on in your life?"  and I really had no answer.  I felt like I had, I went to bed at a decent hour but maybe he was on to something and I had not been getting a restful sleep.  So he tells me he thinks it is nothing more than me needing some good sleep.  He gave me some Ambien and tells me to take it over the next week at least and develop a good sleeping habit and the man is a genius!!  I feel A MILLION times better!!

     Now to car breakdown!!  I have been without a car for a while now.  Autozone messed up my car and then the break line blew and I need a whole new break line.  I wish i could wave a magic wand and make all this ok...however it wont happen.  I have the best people in the world helping me get through my car situation and helping every way they know how!!  So it has been easier than your average persons car problems!!  Thanks to those of you who know who you are!!

      So onto Carpe Diem.......B will be attending summer camp this year.  YAY!!  We found him a summer camp for epileptic children in GA and after much debate decided it was best that he go.  He is SOOOOO excited and so am I.  I have been dying for him to meet more children just like him so he can understand he is not the only one.  Rope climbing courses, horse back riding, pools, boating, and many more activities and I cannot wait for him to go.  He will be going the last week in July, he is so super pumped and so am I.  Dad took some convincing because it is so far away, but after he saw pics he was ready to send him for some fun.  The poor kid needs some time with people that feel like him someone he can connect with about his feeling about epilepsy that we don't understand.  I'm ready for JULY!!!

      Now for the bummer news.  Braydon had two minor seizures yesterday morning before school.  He was asleep and did not even realize they had happened so that was good.  The Dr. has decided to up his seizure meds to 750mg twice a day and a B6 supplement to help with the mood swings.  We are having to fight our insurance company to cover most of these expenses and even though we have hit our yearly deductible they are still making us pay out of pocket.  Hopefully this will all be straightened out soon and will not be an issue any more!!!

   So in the spirit of epilepsy we intend to CARPE DIEM!!!   and we hope you do to!!!

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  1. E,
    You are an extraordinary woman! You always see the light in things. That is a quality I have always admired about you.