Sunday, January 1, 2017

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.

Good Evening Everyone

I hope your year is starting off with a little happiness.  Although we rang in the new year at home in bed half asleep, it was still a good one.  Every year I go into the New Years eve with hopes of this grand night that will be so magical and every year I am disappointed lol, one year I will get my grand magical night right?

2016, what can I say other than I am over it!  It was a miserable year from the start and I hope and pray that 2017 will be kinder on my family.  Although few positives from 2016 were my Bff getting married, announcing that she is having a baby and my two sister seemed to have a great year.  

I am so excited for the potential that  2016 has.  Braydon is sure to have an AMAZING year.  So February will mark one year that he has been a member of the Clarksville Post Explorers through the Montgomery County Sheriff office.  He will be going to Gatlinburg with a few other team mates were he will be able to participate in a very large competition among other Explorers from other locations.  Shawn and I both took time off and cannot wait to go watch him shine.  The kid cannot wait to become a police officer and I just know he is going to be amazing.  Here is a link to the information on Winterfest

Then in May he has Camp Carpe Diem.  This will be Braydon's 5th trip to Georgia to participate in it.  He was super nervous because the rules used to be when you turn 15 you become a counselor in training and he honestly said he wasn't ready for that.  As luck may have it the rules have changed and he will going again, just as a camper just the way he likes it.  Here is a link to learn more about Camp Carpe Diem.

Then in July he will be jet setting off to Ireland.... OMG!!  He will be spending several days in Ireland, then to Wales and will finish the trip in London.  He already has his passport and all we do is wait.  He will be going with 14 other classmates and two teachers.  He will be in for a real experience.  You can learn a little about his tour and help him get there with a donation.

Then Shawn and I have decided to take the kids, his mom and my mom on a cruise for Christmas next year.  Our kids are getting older and at that point will be 13 and 16 and are really going to be more independent.  We are thinking a 7 night cruise to some where warm!!  

2017 really has the potential to be amazing, especially for Braydon!!  We are currently seizure free and have been for a couple months.  We go to see Dr. Robinson in February and we follow up with his regular Dr on the same day.  Sadly the last few liver function tests have declined and they have some concerns that the medication is doing number on his liver.  So when we go we will discuss further what they think and want to do.  It's my hope that the medication just initially sent his liver into a "shock" and it has bounced back.

2017 will hopefully conclude the nightmare with Claudia's hip, well at least for now.  We are hoping she does not need the second surgery, however it is likely.  We are hoping to to knock it out over spring break since it will significantly easier on her than this last ordeal.  She just needs to get her hip shaved a bit and then she will be as good as new.  She is currently enrolled in an extra cheer squad and completing classes such bank hand spring clinic and jump clinics.  She is without a doubt not letting this whoop her!!

Here's to another year, hopefully this one a bit more healthier than the last for our family!!

Happy New Years Everyone!

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