Tuesday, October 25, 2016

“...You say to God, “I have never seen you provide for me.” God says to you, “You have never trusted Me.”

     Well today we made a "Hail Mary"pass with the neurologist.  We had Braydon start with a chiropractor in hopes that the adjustments he was giving Braydon would affect him neurologically.  His Atlas at the base of his skull was out of place which is common in children who were in the birth canal for longer periods of time and he was.  Dr. Jeff (chiropractor)  popped it back into place and we've had a few visits with him.

     So lets start with the positive in all of this.  Dr. Jeff and his crew at Source chiropractic really cared about Braydon.  To win me over, all you have to do is care about my kids and he did.  He is so excited to see the results of this and see what we can accomplish with this care.  He spent so much time asking his whole history and asking questions about his condition.  Another positive is Dr. Robinson-Shelton (Neurologist) is pregnant and so very adorable.  When she has this baby boy and is totally in love with him while she is on maternity leave will suck, I'm used to her being at my fingertips, but she was glowing and I am so happy for her.  She is going to see us in four months as apposed to the normal six months so she can see us again before she has the baby.  Another plus, she always remembers us.  She always ask where Claudia is when she is not there, she asked Braydon about his academy classes, etc.  Again..... all you have to do is care for my kid and you win my heart.

    The negative, well Dr. Robinson Shelton said there is no chance that the chiropractic work done will help with his seizures.  His type of epilepsy is deep inside the brain and an adjustment will not help.  She did tell me to continue to take him, because the atlas being out of place can cause other neurological issues like headaches.  I have still insisted on an sleep deprived EEG because I need to know that it wont help, I need to see it.  I'm not sad, slightly disappointed, but not sad.  I got emotional this am at the thought that this could be the end of this nightmare, however I was quickly snapped back to reality and realized its just not that easy. 

     We had our first Depakote blood panel.  She will call me with the results, however I have instant access to them and so far they are not looking great.  Some of the liver levels are high, blood glucose level was high again, and he has been super sleepy which has her concerned.  He sleeps a lot and Ive learned that could be a liver symptom.  Who knows, she may tell me the levels are fine and she expected this starting the new meds!!  Just have to wait to here from her. 

      So we will schedule the EEG for asap, cross our fingers and hope and pray.  Today I am going to choose to trust.  Sadly as a christian I usually pick and choose what I put in God's hands and we should always place all our trouble and doubts in his hands.  So today I am placing this in his hands and I am know he will provide, may not be the way I want it done, but I know there is a plan much greater than me.

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