Thursday, September 13, 2012

About Epilpesy By: Braydon Fowler Art By Claudia Fowler

Hi my name is Braydon.  I have Epilepsy.  You might not because you are different from me.  Epilepsy is not so fun.  You have to be very careful on your medicine, if you forget you will have a seizure.  When you are alone it is not safe.  When you swim there has to be a life guard. 
Child getting medicine
I hate epilepsy but it does not hurt me at all.  I'm going to have a sleep study on Veterans Day.  A seizure is caused by your brain.  Sometimes I am scared to tell someone that I have seizures.  But it wont hurt to tell a few people.  I did two people and it did not hurt.  Some people think it is weird like Lance and he made fun of me.  You might have seizures and if you do you should be proud because you are special.  Some say that I am lucky.  It does not matter if you have epilepsy like me we are all the same.
About my Book
It is about me and my epilepsy and how it can help you and how it cant. 

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