Thursday, March 23, 2017

One strong wind does not make a storm.

     Hello, all.  Surgery is over and we are home from the hospital to get better.  Surgery went great.  Anesthesia and the Doctor both said she did flawless and even though it took longer her body took it well.  For my science people I have decided to show pictures of what they did.  Her doctor LOVED taking pictures of her hip.  

     So they went in to shave the bone (femur) into a head.  Her femur needed a head and neck and she did not have one because her hip was out of place for so long.  So his plan was to check her Hip Labral (the Cartilage) and shave her femur.  

   So here is Pic #1, this shows the femur before the started the shave.  You can see the divits in the bone that are not allowing it to move properly.

So he knew immediately he would have a ton to do.  So then he shows us her labral.  It was shredded.  He said he had never seen anything that bad in a 12 year old ever.  He is an adult doctor and he said this is the normal for an older adult retired athlete.  

The tiny little shredded particles are supposed to be smooth and solid, not shredded.  So he went to work and anchored the Labral to the bone behind it.  It took three anchors to hold it down.  
He used nylon rope to anchor it in and this is him putting in anchor #2.  Her body handled it all very well and he was impressed with how well she did.
Here is her bone after it was shaved.  You can see he created the head and neck and now the head is smooth not bumpy.

She is one tough cookie, gonna be honest if a Doctor did all this to me you would have to put me out to pasture lol.  We are super proud of her and she cannot wait to show everyone her pics in person.  She is proud of her super cool new hip!!


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