Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much

Things I am Thankful For
1.  My Children!!  Wow do I have two AMAZING children!!  Strong and sweet, I'm very thankful for my children!
Really, I just can't any better than this!!

2.  My Husband-  WOW, Shawn is so amazing!!  I've always said I'm the luckiest woman in the world and I still believe it.  We definitely have our ups and downs but we always have each other.  He makes me smile even when I want to punch him!!  He works his butt off to make sure that we have what we have and it may not be as much as others, but it was honestly earned with two working hands!! 

3.  My Family-  I love my family!!  I have two sisters who I am so blessed to have, I can call either one of them with a problem or issue and they always come to my rescue with nothing more than an opinion.  My mommy is always there for me and helps me when I need it.  My mom knows how hard Shawn and I work and is always there to help when we need it.  Thank you Mom and Albert for always being there when we need it.  My In laws moved closer to help us as well!!  I am SOOO thankful for them.  They are always going to school events when we cant.  My extended family I don't always get to talk to or see I love you guys sooo much!!  I miss EVERYONE SO MUCH!!!

4.  My Friends-  I always talk about how much I love my friends and I can promise you it hasn't changed!!!  Love you guys!!

5.  MY JOB!!!!!!!   Man do I love my job, it is my second family!!  I enjoy going to work (most Days lol) and they are so understanding of my crazy life!!  When your bosses are your family and close friends then you are a very lucky person.  I also get to work with my best friends everyday!! I have the best job!!

This year has been very very hard on my family, however we still have so much to be thankful for!!  It could have been much worse and I remind myself of that everyday.  Thanks again to everyone for constantly supporting us!!  I love you all!!!

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