Saturday, November 16, 2013

Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

A couple reason why I haven't posted in a while
1) Nothing has really changed!! WHOOP WHOOP
2)  Braydon is doing fantastic!!
     The Fowlers are actually in a great place right now.  Although all the testing did not give us any more news it shed a light onto his future.  It will be a bright one!! 
     Dr. Robinson is having Shawn and I propose a 5 year plan that will eventually lead him to be behind a steering wheel!!  OMG!!!  Driving!!!!  Tn has very relaxed laws when it comes to Epilepsy and driving so that is good for him, bad for Shawn and I, lol!!  Looks like from the days in the hospital that with or without seizure meds he has a lot of seizure discharges going off in his head.  The meds seem to keep them from becoming full blown seizures.  However this means he is without a doubt on meds for another 2 years.  His Doctor is really convinced this will be a life long issue but is willing to try to remove him from seizure meds in 2 years given that there have been no issues. 
     So in two years we have to decide if we want to even attempt to take him off the meds.  I can say we wont do it unless alot of tests convince us that the discharges are gone.  Before he gets behind the wheel of a car I better be sure of one of two things, his seizures are well controlled or are gone.  It is soooo crazy to me that we are thinking of him driving!!
     On a personal note he has his first middle school crush!!  Her name is Becca and she has purple strips in her hair!!  He asked her via a friend to "date" him and she said she was not allowed to date but if she could he would be her choice.  He grinned from ear to ear!! 
     Although things are much easier I will say that everyday I spend at least 5 minutes thinking of the families who have not been as lucky.  The families who are struggling with a new diagnosis or have lost their loved ones to epilepsy.!/AJOforeverinourhearts   Take a moment to read or look at this families story!!  I'm scared to death that one day my life will come to a crashing halt like theirs, but I don't watch the clock, I keep going!!
Please take time, money or an experience out of you day and spread the word!!  #AJO

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