Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

All     Well the past week has been crazy busy!!  Braydon had his EMU visit.  Which was a constant EEG with video monitoring.  

     While we stayed B had a blast!!  He got to play Xbox kinect, wii, and lay in bed and order room service!!  What kid would not LOVE that???

     Here are a few pictures of our stay!!

Although the stay was torture to me Braydon had an absolute blast!!!  Which was good for him!!  

     While we were in there a neurologist (not Braydon's) checked on is everyday letting us know the game plan.  At one point word for word she said "there is no real signs of epilepsy".  I did not tell a lot of people that this was said because I did not want to get my hopes up.  

     But I totally got my hopes up!!!  I was convincing myself the past year and a half were a bad nightmare and we were about to be woken up!!  

     Dr. Robinson sent an email stating that I must have misunderstood the Dr in the hospital!!  Which I know I didn't!!  But anyways, he is without a doubt epileptic!!   He was having what they call sparks, which means even though he did not have a seizure there he wanted to.  Which I knew deep down but man I saw that glimmer of hope and I felt in my grasp!!!   It was there, right in front of me!!  

     So my plan you ask???   Throw my self a pity party (quietly at home in my own room where the kids can't hear) with a few tears and then I will pick myself up tomorrow morning and go on with life!!

     What else can we do as mothers???   Nothing!!!!   At the end of the day things could always be worse, not ideal but always worse!!!!   Sooooo if you need me I will be in the bath tub soaking in my pity party!!!

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